LEADER is a community-led rural development programme which aims to improve the quality of life and prosperity in rural communities through locally driven rural development initiatives and projects.

It is aimed at encouraging capacity building (developing the ability of local people to participate in the future development of their area) and using local initiative to improve the development potential of rural areas.

Local priorities are identified by Local Action Groups (LAG’s), which are made up of members of the public and private sectors and local communities.

All projects must support one or more of the six LEADER priorities, which are:

  1. Support micro and small businesses and farm diversification
  2. Boost rural tourism Increase farm productivity
  3. Increase forestry productivity
  4. Provide rural services
  5. Provide cultural and heritage activities
  • Budget Available: £138 Million Between 2015 – 2020
  • Boost Rural Tourism
  • Increase Farm Productivity
  • Improve Farm Animal Health & Welfare
  • Increase Forestry Productivity
  • Provide Rural Services
  • Provide Cultural & Heritage Activities
  • Create Jobs In The Local Rural Community