RHI Installations (Biomass)

The introduction of the Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI) has facilitated the installation of various space heating systems, either as a bolt on to an existing renewable system such as an AD plant, or as a standalone heat supply in the form of a wood fuelled boiler. These can help to reduce fuel bills and generate an income on the back of the heat used.

We advise clients on their projects however, most deal with the installation direct with their supplier. Where issues have arisen, we troubleshoot and identify contractors who can help remedy any problems.

Our primary role is making applications to Ofgem and thereafter managing the quarterly submissions on a fixed fee basis.  This involves checking that the required information is available and making clients aware of any potential shortcomings in their application. We also offer advice where clients have made their own applications and have encountered difficulties.

Ofgem have introduced requirements that all woodfuel consumed must be from an accredited supplier. The consequence is that for users producing their own fuel, they need to be accredited. We are able to undertake these registrations and manage the submissions onto Ofgem’s Biomass Suppliers List for commercial suppliers or owners burning home-grown timber.