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In an increasingly complex and regulated environment, GSC Grays will work with you to determine the exact nature of the report that you require and tailor the valuation to those requirements.

Farm Buildings

Accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Trusted & Accredited Valuations

GSC   Grays   specialise   in   the   provision   of   a   full   range   of   valuation reports in accordance with the guidelines of the Royal Institution  of  Chartered  Surveyors  (RICS).

Valuations are a critical part of the financial system – they inform investment decisions for investors, lenders and other providers of property services, as well as assisting individuals to determine the value of some of their most important personal assets. Choosing and using appropriate techniques and adhering to international standards for valuation, such as those detailed in the RICS Red Book, is essential.

Our RICS-qualified surveyors keep abreast of the latest revisions to RICS standards and other developments within the industry to ensure that we continue to provide an exceptional standard of valuation advice to the professionals, individuals and businesses who we work with.

We believe that a valuer’s relationship with their client, providing a personalised service that meets their needs as well as complying with all Internationally agreed standards, is the key to providing a trusted and respected service.

Tax & succession planning

Valuations for tax purposes

Drawing on professional advice and assembling accurate, reliable information about the value of your property are essential for good tax planning. Our valuers are experienced in providing robust valuations for tax purposes, including valuations for Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax purposes.

We understand that rural estates and property can have a complex blend of assets and interests to consider and we work closely with our clients and other rural professional advisors, to ensure that the valuations we provide are accurate, well-evidenced and satisfy both our client’s needs and HMRC requirements.


Inheritance Tax Valuations

A co-ordinated & holistic approach

GSC Grays undertake Inheritance Tax Valuations of residential, commercial, agricultural, farm and estate properties across the North of England and work closely with the region’s Solicitors and Accountants in providing a co-ordinated and holistic approach.

The loss of a family member is always a traumatic and emotive time and brings with it a number of legal and tax implications, which can be difficult to navigate. Obtaining a formal RICS Red Book Valuation will help to accurately value the assets within the Estate, as well as helping to ensure that the administration of the Estate is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

HMRC strongly advocate the appointment of a Chartered Surveyor and RICS Registered Valuer to undertake a formal valuation of the deceased’s property. A Valuation Report is prepared in accordance with the published guidance on property valuations for IHT purposes. The RICS compliant Valuation report will include the specific details of the property including its construction and condition as well as extensive due diligence and research covering title, tenure, occupancy, legal issues, planning and other statutory issues as well as an analysis of relevant comparable sales evidence in the area, or other appropriate calculations in order to determine the Market Value of the property at the required date.

Valuation of Historic Buildings

Unique historical property

GSC Grays are often entrusted with the valuation of unique and historic buildings for our clients.

Though these buildings may be unrivalled in their historic importance or character, like any property asset they will be subject to market forces and their value may therefore be measured within the marketplace when traded.

What separates historic property from the wider market, are the additional and frequently complex factors that the valuer must account for; these include the effect of  the historic nature and architectural interest on value, together with the particular constraints imposed by the  statutory framework and less tangible elements, such as the indirect cultural and social benefits arising from the property.

Our valuers have the professional experience and skills required to understand and account for these additional factors when considering the value of this type of asset, allowing them to provide  RICS compliant valuations of historic buildings for financial statements, lending purposes, letting and investment, tax planning, or sale / purchase.

Farm Yard

Partnership Dissolution

Valuation of business assets

When a partnership is dissolved, for instance due to the death of a partner or because one partner no longer wishes to be part of the business, there are many factors to consider and the process must be worked through in a manner that adheres to the partnership agreement as well as relevant legislation. Our clear and considered professional advice on the value of the property assets, can help you to adhere to these conditions, to avoid disputes if the dissolution is amicable or to manage a difficult negotiation.

A critical issue to consider is how the assets will be liquidated and divided. If one partner intends to continue with the business, then they must purchase the business assets at a fair value. Our surveyors can provide a valuation of a business and its assets or a valuation of the deceased partner’s share, to inform the dissolution process.

Secured Lending

Timely valuation reports tailored to your requirements

We are a trusted provider of valuations for secured lending purposes. The purpose of a secured lending valuation is to provide the bank or other loan provider with a valuation of the security that is being offered by the applicant, whether that is land, commercial or residential property. We are frequently instructed by banks to undertake secure lending valuations across the region and our surveyors are accustomed to delivering timely, independent valuations reports, tailored to those requirements.


Pension Fund Valuations

SIPP Valuations

Self-invested personal pension schemes (SIPPs) are a popular investment vehicle and can be set up by anyone, however they are still tightly governed by HMRC. GSC Grays regularly undertake SIPP valuations for acquisition or rent review purposes as well as regular updates for the SIPP providers.

Boundary Disputes

Providing accurate information for peace of mind

Often, drawings and plans from historic transactions are used in conveyances which, if incorrect, can lead to years of boundary disputes which can be very costly and stressful.

GSC Grays offer a service to visit your site to check the facts and measurements, leaving you with an accurate updated drawing which should enable you to make clear development plans or sell your property with peace of mind.

Old plans

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