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Cost Consultancy

In our experience, whether building out your own project or selling a development site, the management of costs is key to achieving best value for you.

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Cost Consultancy

Key to achieving best value

Often the poor relation to headline values, our staff understand that costs can significantly impact on receipts – they will work closely with you to ensure these are properly managed.

If you plan to build out your own project, it is important that you plan properly and understand your exposure to costs.  There will be unforeseen challenges and our experienced staff will work with you to reduce this risk.  By carefully analysing the project they will help you deliver it as smoothly as possible.

To achieve best value from a development there needs to be a proportionate approach to the management of risk.  In doing so it is almost inevitable that you will retain some risk in a project even following a sale.  A common example of this is a buyer’s ability to deduct abnormal costs and assess the purchase price on a residual basis.

Our staff have experience of abnormal costs being used to erode the purchase price either because the buyer is not incentivised to manage costs properly (because they are deductible and borne by you), or they are used as part of the commercial negotiation.

Our experience with site issues and residual appraisals means that our team can provide you with a cost consultancy service, helping you to interrogate these and establish whether they are properly incurred.  To be most effective, this process has to be conducted live as the project moves forward and as such requires resources to be dedicated to it.  Consequently, this is often lightly scrutinised however our staff have the experience of working alongside developers to manage these and in doing so, to add value to the site which you are selling in a way which other agents might not.

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