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We have been delivering successful renewable projects for over 15 years and we continue to look towards the latest technologies to bring opportunities for energy generation to your land.

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Renewable Energy

Experience working at the cutting-edge

We are always looking for new opportunities to help our clients realise renewable energy projects and we have a proven-track record, delivering wind and solar farms, AD Plants, energy storage schemes and district heating systems across the country.

From selecting the most suitable type of project to negotiating terms for rented sites or managing the ecological impacts of your scheme, we can advise on every aspect of your project development. In this swiftly developing field, our specialists keep abreast of the latest legislation, technology and funding streams, so that we can provide you with the quality of advice and information that your require to make the best decisions for your site.

Solar Energy

Harnessing energy and income from solar

GSC Grays are actively involved in developing solar farms across the UK. As technology advances, the costs of solar panels are decreasing, so even without financial support from subsidies, interest in new solar developments has grown rapidly.  Historically subsidies were only paid to projects of a certain size, but without those limitations, modern projects can be built far larger, improving the energy production and value to the landowner.

Solar farms can provide an opportunity to expand and diversify a farm business, by leasing land to a private investor for the duration of the scheme. Our advisors can guide you through the factors you need to consider in deciding whether a scheme is right for you, including tax implications and the impact on the farming enterprise. Given the long length of the tenancy agreements, careful consideration needs to be given to ensure that the terms will remain in the landowner’s best interests from construction to decommissioning.

Our knowledgeable team have experience in all stages of solar farm development and offer a bespoke service depending on the situation, ranging from feasibility reviews and site promotion, to full project management support and dispute resolution services.

Battery Storage STOR

Energy Storage

Meeting demand for energy storage facilities

As the UK makes the transition away from fossil fuels and into renewables, an energy management problem has emerged. Coal and gas power plants can easily be powered up or down to meet the national demand, but renewable power is inherently intermittent- we cannot demand more power than the weather allows. As a result, demand is increasing for facilities which can produce high volumes of power at short notice.

These projects have various names, peaking plants, gensets, short term operating reserves (STOR for short) and can include all sorts of technologies, gas turbines, diesel generators, or more commonly, battery storage systems.

GSC Grays are working closely with landowners to identify energy storage opportunities which can often be co-located with wind or solar farms.

Wind Farms

Developing wind farms countrywide

GSC Grays are involved in developing wind farms from Cornwall to Caithness. England hasn’t seen the construction of new onshore wind farms for a number of years, but we expect that to change in time. We are actively collating details of potential sites in readiness for new developments.

We continue to advise on operational projects with roles such as implementing rent reviews, re-evaluating decommissioning funds, debt collection and dispute resolution.


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