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Biodiversity Net Gain

We are working closely with local authorities, landowners and developers to monitor and develop the market for biodiversity offsetting in our region.

Housing Development

Biodiversity Net Gain

An emerging market

The principle of ‘Biodiversity Net Gain’, set out in the Environment Bill 2020, requires developers not just to offset any biodiversity that is lost as a consequence of developing land, but to deliver a net gain in biodiversity of at least 10%. The amount of the offset requirement and the additional 10% gain, is measured in biodiversity units, which are calculated using the Biodiversity Metric 2.0 designed by DEFRA.

The protocols and systems required to deliver these gains are still being worked out by the public and private sector alike, but we expect the requirement for Biodiversity Net Gain to create new demand for offsetting sites.

Offsetting sites

What makes a site suitable for biodiversity offsetting?

Offsetting sites (or ‘receptor sites’) will need to have potential for habitat enhancement or creation, but do not necessarily need to be of high biodiversity value at present.  As the objective is to deliver a significant gain in biodiversity, a low baseline may in some cases make this easier to achieve.

Sites that are close to urban areas may have greater value as receptor sites, as there is likely to be an incentive for developers to offset within the same locality as the development where possible, but scale is also important, so a large site in a remote location could still be valuable, particularly for developers with large offsetting requirements.

If you are interested in finding out more about Biodiversity Net Gain, or would like to discuss the potential opportunities for offsetting on your land, we are ready to help.

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