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Expert Determination

If you are sadly involved in a dispute which requires a third party to determine the matter for you, our expert determination service could be the cost effective and swift service which you are looking for.



Dispute Resolution

Expert Determination

Expert Determination

You benefit from our expertise

Unlike going to court, expert determination does not require you to produce the evidence upon which the case is settled.  Rather, you rely on the experience of our experts to assess what they consider to be the correct outcome.

You are able to make representations in support of your case, but this is not the only evidence that will be used (as it is in court or arbitration).  In this way, your investment in the production of evidence is kept to a minimum making it a more accessible form of dispute resolution.

We have experts operating in each of our departments and as such, we are able to provide an expert determination service for disputes including:

  • Questions of value
  • Sporting and estate management issues
  • Farm management
  • Rental levels
  • Development values and overage

Our team of experts are available to determine your dispute more quickly than a court and at a significantly lower cost.

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