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Single Farm Payment – Soil Protection Review

If you were required to complete a Soil Protection Review (SPR) 2010 by 31 December 2010:

A. You must
1. be implementing the measures that you have earlier identified in your SPR 2010;
2. keep your SPR 2010 available for inspection.
B. You must update your SPR 2010
1. at least once every year (including the year in which you began implementing it) by completing the annual review;
2. as soon as is practical if it becomes clear that the measures you chose are not working or if you change or adopt new measures;
3. as soon as is practical if you transfer land in or out, or when soil conditions change on your land which result in a change in risk or where your management systems or cropping practices change.


If you are required to complete an SPR 2010 for the first time in 2012 or a later year:

C. You must
1. complete your SPR 2010 by 31 December 2012 (or by 31 December of the first year you are claiming), with the exception of Part 4, Access to Waterlogged Land, which you must start completing from 1 January of the first year you are claiming;
2. carry out the measures that you have identified in your SPR 2010 from 1 January of the year after it is produced;
3. keep your SPR 2010 available for inspection.


When completing, updating and implementing your SPR 2010:

D. You must
1. do so in accordance with the instructions given in the SPR 2010 and the Cross
Compliance Guidance for Soil Management 2010 edition
 (or any future replacement). Use either the SPR 2010 template or give the same information in a similar format;
2. take into account any specific guidance that the Secretary of State may give you;
3. comply with any written directions that the Secretary of State may give you about the management
of your soils.


Post-harvest management of land

If your land has carried a crop of oil-seeds, grain legumes or cereals (other than maize) which has been harvested by either combine harvester or mower, then:

E. You must
1. meet one of the following conditions on that land from the first day after harvest until the last day of February in the following year (dates inclusive):the stubble of the harvested crop remains in the land;the land is left with a rough surface following operations such as ploughing, discing or tine cultivation;the land is under cultivation sequences used to create stale seedbeds;the land is sown with a temporary cover crop. If this becomes grazed out or cultivated out during the post-harvest period, a rough surface must be left as soon as conditions permit;the land is sown with a crop within 10 days of having been prepared as a seedbed.

You will not be in breach of the post-harvest management of land requirement if you have prepared the land as a seedbed but are unable to sow the crop within 10 days because the land is too waterlogged to access or because severe weather conditions make this impractical. In either case, the land must be sown as soon as practicable.

Waterlogged land

F. You must
1. record any activity on waterlogged land in order to carry out any mechanical field operations such as harvesting crops, or using motorised vehicles, exceptwhere the area of waterlogged land is within 20 metres of a gateway or other access point; oraccess is required to an area of land that is not waterlogged; orthe area is an established track to land that is not waterlogged;
2. take action to remediate any damage caused by accessing waterlogged land, where action is appropriate,  as soon as possible within 12 months of the first month of access to the waterlogged land. You must also record access as soon as possible after the event in the Access to Waterlogged Land section of the SPR
2010 and record what action you have taken to remediate damage from the access.


The rules A to F do not apply:

for any agricultural land which is common land unless you own or occupy the land and rights of common are not exercised by anyone else; or

if your holding, excluding land subject to rights of common (unless you are the sole occupier of that common land), is less than 1 hectare. However, if you acquire additional land which means your holding becomes greater than 1 hectare, you must complete an SPR 2010 by 31 December of that year.

For more information please contact Lucinda Clifford at the Barnard Castle office on tel: 01833 637000


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