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Investing in Gamekeeper Training

With the move towards an increase in employer liability and the never ending hoops to jump through regarding health and safety; the importance of providing correct training for employees has become more important than ever.  Gone are the days when a gamekeeper’s only qualifications were their list of experience and a firearms certificate.  The range and convenience of training courses for gamekeepers and other estate staff available today means there is no excuse for failing to provide adequate training.

Of course the motive for providing gamekeepers and other staff with specialised training is not only associated with liability.  Training is crucial for the organisational development and success of any business.  Training courses can range from one hour to one week and specialise in anything from ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) driving courses to best practice snaring and trapping.  The implementation of such courses can result in the need for less supervision, fewer accidents and increased productivity.  In some cases the courses are run by the GWCT and are fully funded by DEFRA where the employee operates within a Severely Disadvantaged Area (SDA), making the course even more attractive!

In a week which brought further calls for vicarious liability to be introduced in England, the importance of training your staff in the current best practice methods, changes in legal requirements and improved working techniques should be at the forefront of your business planning.

GSC Grays work with a number of Estates and farms, be it on a full management basis or via bespoke consultancy to recruit staff as well as producing, arranging and delivering a tailored employee training program which fulfils the legal and strategical needs of your business.

For more information or to review and appraise your employee training plan on your farm or rural estate, please contact John Wallis on tel: 01969 600120.

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