Warnings Issued to Rural Landowners

Posted: February 2, 2018 by Karen Kipling
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Warnings are being issued as Rural Landowners are being approached by ‘experts’ claiming that they have a suitable site for renewable energy projects.

On the face of it, sites may appear to have good ground conditions, seem to be in a suitable location and planning policy not be a problem, however, the connection to the grid is the crucial element. Consultants are therefore approaching landowners with evidence of why a site is suitable, then requesting payments of £1,000 or more from them to submit inappropriate grid connection applications that are never going to succeed.

As a consequence of this, network operators are being inundated with inappropriate applications for which they are legally obliged to respond to, slowing the process for viable sites.

Currently, battery storage and gas fired generating sites are generating high rents for sites of 1 or 2acres and many landowners are unaware of the potential opportunities that are available to them. This gives consultants an opportunity to exploit this lucrative market.

If you are approached by a consultant claiming that your site is suitable, but who then asks you to pay for a feasibility study or grid connection application, ask yourself if it is so valuable, why don’t they pay the cost.

Most developers are willing to risk their own money on feasibility studies and grid connections, so it you’re asked to contribute to this cost, call your professional advisor immediately.

GSC Grays manage numerous renewable applications and energy projects including solar, wind and battery storage. If you think your land may be suitable or for more information on renewable energy and the options/incentives that are available, please contact:

Chris Thyer

Rural Associate Director


Email: ct@gscgrays.co.uk

Tel: 01833 694934