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The outside is just as important as the inside!

If you are looking to sell your property this summer, don’t forget the outside can be as important as the inside!  Catherine Greaves, Agency Associate Director at our Barnard Castle office  GSC Grays, has some tips for ensuring that your outside space looks it’s best.

Front Garden
Kerb appeal is everything! Your front garden is the first and last part of your property any viewer will see, so make sure it’s looking its best. It will also look great in the photographs used to market your property.

If you are lucky enough to have a lawn, make sure the grass is cut regularly.  Trim any hedges and tidy up any bushes/shrubs.  Replace any tired looking plants that are past their best to keep the garden looking fresh and colourful.  Bedding plants will add cost-effective colour to borders and planters, making your garden look colourful and cheery.

Many people like the idea of low maintenance gardens, so why not use bark, slate chippings or gravel to dress up any bare areas.

External lighting comes into its own for property viewings at dusk or after dark. Uplighters under trees can create an attractive night-time feature and solar lights look pretty and are cost-effective.

Last year’s Christmas lights, which have been left out are a definite no no!

Rear/Dark Gardens
A recent trend in garden design has introduced the use of mirrors in rear/dark gardens to introduce/reflect as much light as possible!

Garages, Sheds, Fences and Greenhouses
Make sure they are all tidy and well-maintained.  If you have a greenhouse, make sure any damaged panels are replaced.

Make sure all internal lighting in your shed and garage work and that all access doors open, shut and lock properly.

Either park your car in the garage (to show a car will fit easily into the space) or keep the driveway clear by parking along an adjacent road if possible.  The feeling of space is important.

Rubbish Bins
Make sure rubbish bins are hidden away and preferably emptied so there are no unpleasant odours lingering!

Garden Furniture
You want your property to seem as desirable as possible, and who doesn’t enjoy relaxing in their gardens on a warm summer evening? Dependent on the time of year and if you have space, make sure your garden furniture is set out nicely, helping to show that outside spaces can be used as additional living space.  This is particularly important if all you have is a courtyard garden.

Paving, Patios and Decking
Make sure any of the above are clean and not slippy.

Garden toys
Trampolines and garden toys such as swings can be left on display if they are in good condition as long as they are not too large. If they are too large for the space, they can make the outside space look smaller than it actually is and put potential viewers off.

House names and numbers
Make sure any signs or numbers are clean and not rusty.  They will also help when viewers are trying to find your property, particularly at night.

Scoop The Poop

If you are a cat or dog owner and they have access to the garden, make sure you tidy up after them!

A great garden will go a long way in impressing your buyers – whether it’s large or small. It will also help you stand out from the competition, so don’t look past the importance of sprucing up your outside space!

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