Expert Witness Determination

Where parties looking for an independent determination of a dispute, but without the significant cost of judicial proceedings (be that court or arbitration), Expert Determination offers an attractive alternative.

Expert Determination can be agreed to be binding on the parties and would see a dispute referred to an independent third party (“the Expert”).  The Expert would consider the circumstances of the dispute and, based upon their own expertise, determine the outcome.

Unlike Mediation, Expert Determination would involve the parties making written representations to the Expert who would then formulate an opinion based upon their own knowledge and issue a report setting out their findings.

Expert Determination offers a quick and relatively inexpensive means of resolving a dispute.  It is well suited where the dispute is over a relatively small value or it needs to be resolved quickly so that the on-going relationship can continue.  Examples of disputes which are suitable for Expert Determination include contract farming agreements, rental or capital value disputes and the assessment of repairing obligations.

At GSC Grays we have  RICS trained Expert Witnesses who are able to deal with most rural disputes.  For further details, please call Calum Gillhespy or Guy Coggrave.