Mediation is most commonly recognised as a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution, as something which is to be tried before going to court. Mediation however works better the earlier it is introduced into a negotiation and, as mediation provides an arena within which those negotiations can continue, it can be used at any time.

Mediation can be used to:

  • Conclude agricultural rent reviews more cost effectively than arbitration, as expert evidence should not be tested in public
  • Resolve any contractual issues between a supplier and their customer
  • Assist with the transition of a business from one generation to another
  • Facilitate trust reorganisations under difficult circumstances
  • Resolve workplace disputes

Mediation is frequently used to resolve commercial disputes, however the benefits of mediation are well suited to rural matters. This is because the prospect of maintaining an ongoing relationship through the resolution of a dispute at mediation is greater than by court action. In the rural environment, we tend to have long standing relationships and lower value disputes, making mediation particularly appropriate.