Farm Business Services

Given the current financial uncertainty in the rural economy, due to Brexit and the wider economic climate, many farmers and landowners will need to gain a greater understanding of their business performance to ensure they have a viable future.  They will need to look at their businesses proactively to ensure all their assets are delivering the best returns possible.

Our dedicated Farm Business Services team have a wealth of technical and farm business management knowledge across all of the key areas.  The team, headed up by Robert Sullivan and Ali Gray, both familiar names within the region, offers specialist advice in Agronomy, Farm Management, Strategic Business Planning, Contract Farming, Share Farming Agreements and Joint Ventures, Farm Business Consultancy, Basic Payment, Stewardship and Cross Compliance Advice, Farm Business Reviews and Restructuring.

The Farm Business Services team has now expanded following the acquisition of The Andersons Northern (England) Ltd, based at Easingwold.   The Andersons Northern (England) Ltd team,  includes Greg Ricketts and James Severn, both highly regarded farm business consultants, with over 50 years combined experience, they are supported by David Wadsworth and Laura Ricketts, both providing farm business advice,  Josh Thomson, a trainee Farm Business Consultant and Kerry Barker, the office administrator; all of whom will continue to operate from their Easingwold base.

The expanded team have an in-depth understanding of the economics of agriculture and alternative ways of developing additional income streams.  They have a genuine understanding of the issues currently facing the industry both locally and nationally and the impact these will have in the future.  The team will work with you to establish clear objectives for your business and develop bespoke solutions to ensure these are met.  We will inspire, guide and support the ‘rural entrepreneur’ through the challenges of moving their business forward to ensure it is able to thrive post-BREXIT.