Agronomy Services and Buying Group


We don’t just help manage the financial and strategic development of the business. We can also provide high quality Agronomy advice from a full crop-walking service to more strategic agronomy advice.

As members of AICC (Association of Independent Crop Consultants) our consultants benefit from the latest industry research to complement their extensive practical experience. As a result, we can provide advice on all aspects of arable crop production from rotations, cultivations and spray programmes, through to machinery purchases and marketing strategies.

To complement this service, we have also established a Buying Group to co-ordinate the purchase of seed, fertiliser and sprays. This enables clients to benefit from economies of scale resulting in significant financial savings of up to 25%, along with improved cashflow management.   As a result, our advice combined with the benefits from the Buying Group will enable clients to increase profitability with the aim being to establish them in the top 10% of comparable businesses.

  • Crop Rotation Management
  • Varietal Choice
  • Cultivations
  • Spray Programmes
  • Computerised Recommendations
  • Fertiliser Programmes
  • Precision Farming
  • Input Purchasing
  • Delayed Payment Options