Basic Payment Scheme


GSC Grays have extensive knowledge of the Basic Payment Scheme which does not end with completing and submitting the Annual Claim Form.

Our aim is to cut through the complicated rules and regulations to offer bespoke, pro-active advice to ensure clients meet the rules of the scheme with minimal impact on the management of their business.

Whether it is producing a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone Report, ensuring sufficient Ecological Focus Area is available or undertaking a Cross Compliance Audit we can help businesses to grow and develop without being held back by regulations and help scrutinise inspection reports to ensure the process is carried out correctly.

  • Basic Payment Claim Completion & Submission
  • Ecological Focus Area and Crop Diversification Calculations
  • Cross Compliance Audits
  • Nitrate Vulnerable Zone Reports
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Basic Payment Scheme Payment Calculations
  • Basic Payment Inspection Analysis and Appeals