Solar power involves the conversion of the sun’s energy either as a solar thermal technology to produce heat or solar Photovoltaic (PV) for electricity.

Subsidies for solar energy are in decline and as such, developers are looking for ever larger projects to ensure economic viability.  Whilst the rents offered remain significantly higher than the income from farming, the challenges which sites of this scale pose can be significant.

New sites are increasingly rare and are likely to comprise in excess of 100 acres.  Clearly a development of this scale will be a major change to any farming business and requires careful consideration of the farming enterprise, tax implications and the lease terms before any decisions can be made.

In all cases it pays for the landowner to receive professional advice to avoid the many pitfalls that can be encountered.  Given the long length of the tenancy agreements, careful consideration needs to be given to ensure that the terms will remain in the landowners best interests from construction to decommissioning.

GSC Grays have experience in all stages of solar farms and offer a bespoke service depending on the situation, ranging from ad hoc advice to full project management support and dispute resolution services.