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2015 BPS Claim

On the 13th April 2015 the RPA started to email out the pre populated BP5 forms for claimants to then print off and complete.

The RPA have also published guidance booklets to assist claimants that can be found at:

Remember that you still need to have registered on the new RPA online system by calling 03000 200 301 to receive a pre populated BP5 form.

The deadline for submission of the BP5 forms is midnight on Monday 15th June 2015. There will not be the usual amendment period without penalties after 15th June 2015 to already submitted claims. Claims and amendments can be submitted up to 10th July 2015, however they will be subject to late claim penalties.

The Land “at your disposal” date remains as 15th May 2015.

The BP5 form and any supporting information can be submitted by post to RPA, PO Box 352, Worksop, S80 9FG or hand delivered to a RPA drop in / support centre.  Click here for further details.

Cross Border Claimants

In these scenarios the BPS claim deadline will be driven by the paying agency that is making the payment. This is usually the country in which the majority of the claimants land is located. Therefore be very careful with the submission deadlines for Wales and Scotland as these currently remain at 15th May 2015.


Paper RLR maps and blank RLE forms will be used for land changes. The RPA is sending out RLR maps to agents and farmers who are registered on the new system and these should be received by 30th April 2015. RLE1 forms which were used under SPS to make changes to land parcels will be downloadable from the RPA website from Monday 23rd March 2015.

RLE1 forms and supporting sketch plans identifying permanent boundary changes, merging and splitting fields, registering new land and adding Permanent Ineligible Features (PIFs) need to be received by the RPA by 15th June 2015.

Entitlement Transfers

The RLE1 forms will also be used to transfer entitlements, as in previous years.

The RPA must receive the completed RLE1 form by midnight on 15th June 2015 for the transfer to be effective for the 2015 BPS claim.

The transferee must be an ‘active farmer’, this is confirmed when the transferee completes Part F of their BP5 form.

Young Farmer Payment & National Reserve Applications

We are still awaiting further announcements in respect of how you can apply for these schemes.

Natural England Environmental Stewardship Claims Forms

This has also been extended to midnight on 15th June 2015.

The BP5 forms look very similar to previous years SP5 forms, however there are some fundamental differences that are contained within them that will effect whether your claim is successful or may be subjected to penalties. There are also detailed calculations that need to be done in respect of Greening requirements that are not obviously highlighted on the form. Do not just rely on previous years data being correct without reading the guidance booklets carefully.

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the BPS Team below to talk through any queries.

For further updates please keep an eye on our website or email to register to receive further updates via email.

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