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Charity Fundraising Update – Tees Challenge

‘Cow Green Reservoir at the head of Teesdale, following the route of the River Tees all the way to the iconic Middlesborough ‘Transporter Bridge’ in under 30 hours – non-stop!’

As part of our charitable activities this year to raise monies for Yorkshire Cancer Research and the Teesdale Search & Rescue, we have set ourselves a ‘Charity Tees Challenge’:

Around 72 miles of walking split into 6 key stages, to be completed non-stop (relay) by a small team from GSC Grays and Teesdale Mountain Rescue. For all those that might not fancy up to 30 hours of walking… there are a couple of opportunities to join in the walk for a stage and also, to assist with back-up support.

To be undertaken from Friday 23rd September to Saturday 24th September, starting at 8am on the Friday and finishing between 2 – 3pm the next day, opportunities to join in will be from Eggleston to BC section (around 7 miles), or from the Yarm to Middlesborough section (just over 13 miles).

We are looking for members of staff who are up for the challenge (or prepared to muck-in and lend a hand!)

  • Those who want to have a go at the whole thing (limited places due to logistics and please understand that prior training will be required by anyone wanting to sign-up, as well as certain items of kit that will be required – though not provided)
  • Those who want to join in the Eggleston to BC stage
  • Those who want to join the Yarm to Middlesborough stage
  • Anyone happy to help/support the challenge – including: minibus driver (x2) / pickup driver (x2) / Food, assistance etc at BC stop / Food, rest etc at Yarm stop / PR, food, kit, travel help at finish.

Our aim is to raise in excess of £3,000 for the charities.

Please contact David directly on or 01677 428930 for more information and to sign up to the 2016 Charity Challenge!

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