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BPS 2016 – Euro Exchange Rate Set

The RPA has now set the Euro exchange rate that will be used to calculate the 2016 BPS payment for those claimants who are paid in Sterling.  This is set by taking the average of the European Central Bank exchange rate for the month of September 2016.  The rate is €1 = £0.85228.

The 2017 exchange rate was €1 = 0.73129.  Therefore, this is positive news for claimants who are paid in sterling as they will see an increase in their BPS payment, we will also see a stronger market develop for the trading of entitlements.

£ per ha – 2016 £ per ha – 2015
SDA £206.94 £177.56
Non SDA £208.44 £178.85
Moorland £54.67 £46.91


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