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Getting the most out of all viewings in extremely important so Catherine Greaves has put together some advice to help prepare you and your home for buyers making a visit.

A picture speaks a thousand words!

When a buyer looks at your property online or at the bespoke brochure we have prepared, this is their first impression of your home.  This is the make or break point as to whether they will arrange a viewing.  So, when we come to photograph your home, make sure it is presented to the best standard it can be to allow us to take quality photographs to portray your property in the best possible way!

First impressions count!

You need to pretend you are coming to view your own home and stand outside to try and look at it with a fresh pair of eyes.  Does it have ‘kerb appeal’?  Is the lawn mown? Are the flower beds pristine?  Is the front door enticing you further?  Make sure you have de-cluttered inside, had a good hoover around and hidden any evidence of your pets!

Light it up!

At this time of year, the light isn’t great and a lot of your viewings will take place after dark when people have finished work.  You need to think about the lighting so that your home looks warm and inviting.  Make sure house numbers/names can be seen clearly so your potential buyer can find you.  Keep the porch or hall light on.  During day light hours, make sure curtains and blinds are wide open to maximise the natural light coming into your home and if you have to, turn on some lamps around your house.

Buyers do not need distractions!

Your cat or dog might be your best friend but not everyone feels the same.  If you can, ask someone to take your dog out whilst you conduct a viewing.  It can also be difficult from a buyer’s point of view to take in all aspects of your property whilst children play loudly in the background.  Again, if you can, try and arrange viewings for when the children are at school or Grandma can have them for tea!

Spick and span!

Before you launch your property onto the market, give it the once-over and get on top of those little jobs that you have been putting off!  Make sure to repair any peeling wallpaper, touch up chipped or marked paintwork, dust the skirting boards, clean the kitchen cupboards, replace any light bulbs that have stopped working and last but not least, make sure you clean the windows!


Are there certain jobs to be done that are beyond your DIY ability?!  If so, be sure to get your handyman in!  Do not let a viewer see broken sash cords, missing doorknobs, broken tiles or dripping taps as it will only make them look further.

Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes!

A well-presented kitchen and bathroom will go a long way towards selling your home so pay particular attention to these rooms.  Put away as many electrical appliances as possible in the kitchen so your potential buyers see clutter-free surfaces.  Taps covered in lime-scale, cloudy shower screens and a stained bath will not create a very good impression.

Storage space!

Storage is important so make sure you make the most of what storage you do have and that it is kept in an organised fashion.  Tidy out your attic, cellar and under-stairs cupboard.  Recycle anything you no longer need or want and have a good clear-out.  Look at it in a positive way; it will be one less thing to do when moving day arrives!

Time to think!

When you are showing a potential buyer your home, let them look around at their own pace and give them the option to explore on their own.  They will have a lot to think about and will have thoughts to discuss, so give them breathing space and try not to follow them from one room to another.  It’s a good idea to suggest leaving them to it and offer to answer their questions once they’ve had a good look round.

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