Deadlines Approaching for Annual Inventory Forms & BPS Key Dates

Posted: December 24, 2018 by Karen Kipling
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31 December 2018 Deadline for returning the sheep and goat annual inventory forms that you should receive in the post (along with a pre-paid envelope) or via email from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) at the end of November. (SMR 8)
1 January 2019 You can apply organic manure with a high, readily available nitrogen content (for example, slurry, poultry manures or liquid digested sewage sludge) to grassland and tillage land on shallow or sandy soils from this date if conditions are suitable and you adhere to the quantity restrictions when applying these manures. (SMR 1)
1 January 2019 Beginning of the year for assessing the annual amount of livestock manure applied to your land. (SMR 1)
1 January 2019 Start of the 2019 Ecological Focus Area (EFA) period for EFA fallow land. (Basic Payment Scheme 2018)
1 January 2019 EFA period for hedges and trees in a line (which must be present all year unless newly planted) and buffer strips and field margins (which must be present all year). (Basic Payment Scheme 2018)
15 January 2019 EFA cover crops for the 2018 scheme year must be retained until at least this date. (Basic Payment Scheme 2018)
16 January 2019 You can apply manufactured nitrogen fertilisers to grassland and tillage land from this date if conditions are suitable. (SMR 1)


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