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Key Dates for Cross Compliance & Basic Payment Scheme in March and April

Please see below some of the key dates for March and April 2019, to ensure you meet with Cross Compliance and Basic Payment Scheme Requirements.

1 March You must not cut or trim hedges or trees from this date, but you can carry out hedge and tree coppicing, and hedge laying from 1 March until 30 April. Fruit and nut trees in orchards, or trees acting as windbreaks in orchards, vineyards, hop yards or hop gardens are not included in the ban. (GAEC** 7a and 7c)
1 April If you hold a water abstraction licence, expect to receive your annual bill (or first part charge if you hold a two-part tariff agreement) for the forthcoming financial year. (GAEC 2)
1 April You must not burn heather, rough grass, bracken, gorse or vaccinium on land, other than in upland areas, from this date. (GAEC 6)
1 April If you hold a winter or all-year-round water abstraction licence (authorising abstraction outside the period April to October), the Environment Agency will ask you to submit your record of actual abstraction for the previous April to March. You then have 28 days to submit your return to the Environment Agency. (GAEC 2)
16 April You must not burn heather, rough grass, bracken, gorse or vaccinium in upland areas from this date. (GAEC 6)
30 April You must have recorded the number of ‘specified’ livestock kept on your farm during the previous calendar year and calculated the amount of nitrogen they produced. You must also record the number and type of livestock in a building or hardstanding during the previous storage period. (SMR 1)

Should you require any further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Farm Business Services Team:

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