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Meet our ultimate property Agony Aunt

There are always plenty of questions to ask when it comes to viewing a property, especially during this unprecedented time, but with over 25 years of experience in the industry, our dedicated Accompanied Viewing Assistant Catherine Ellerby has plenty of advice and reassurance for viewers.


“Consider me your ultimate property Agony Aunt!  There are very few questions that I haven’t been asked and few situations that I haven’t had to navigate.”  In fact, Catherine who recently had to lend a warm coat to a viewer who turned up in flipflops in the middle of a snowstorm, has been the voice of reason for numerous couples whose point of view differ on what they want from their next move and become friends with many who have bought through GSC Grays.

As a trained estate agent, Catherine loves nothing more than meeting people and discovering what they really want from a property, “I absolutely adore property and people.  After booking the appointment I am the first person that people meet, and I am there to deal with their disappointment when the property isn’t what they had hoped for, or I witness their absolute joy when they finally find what they are looking for. I am part of the next chapter in their story and that is what makes the role so inspiring and important to me.”

“Covid has certainly been a strange time.  While the rest of the country was locked down, we were still open for business and we even experienced people venturing from the South for a day out armed with various members of their family, but now it’s clear to see that people are coming and viewing properties for the right reason. The appeal of the Dales and the lifestyle that it offers, either as an investment opportunity or a new home away from the rush of the city, has created a frenzied market that is unlikely to subside any time soon.”

With such a fast-paced market the questions posed to Catherine by viewers have been coming thick and fast and have certainly put her crystal ball gazing skills to the test, “I keep being asked do I think this market will continue?  The truth is none of us have ever known a time like this; no one has been through a pandemic.  Historically the market has always seen periods of boom and then bust.  Every estate agent is in the same position, and we’ll either run out of property or we’ll lose the first-time buyers, and this will have a massive ripple effect throughout the marketplace.”

With all her knowledge and experience Catherine has some sage advice for those currently on the search “If you’re in a situation where you are buying a property and it is your forever home or you plan to stay put for a long time then you won’t have a problem if the market does subside, because it will inevitably rise again however, if it’s for the short term, then you really do need to think about it thoroughly.”

It is clear that no one can one hundred percent guarantee what will come next, “It’s important that during this time, you know you’re in a position to act swiftly and decisively to be in with a chance of securing the property you truly want.”  With her calm manner, caring nature, and unrivalled insight you know that whatever house you view, with Catherine by your side you are sure to make the best decision for you.

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