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Lightbulb - green energy

This week at COP26

There have certainly been a number of headline-grabbing moments from this week’s COP26 in Glasgow, from Presidents taking a nap to new green budget cases.


But what are the headlines that really matter to you?  Our Rural Director Chris Thyer selects the four key moments from this week at COP26:

Pledge to end deforestation

£14bn has been pledged as over 100 nations aim to end deforestation.  We are already starting to see an increased interest in tree planting in the UK and trees could be a large feature in future subsidy regimes and carbon capture schemes.

Large firms will be required to publish emission figures

Although it won’t be mandatory for large firms to achieve net zero emissions, they need to show what actions they are taking to reduce emissions. It is hoped that environmentally-minded consumers will favour cleaner companies, leading to increased investment in carbon offsetting schemes. Agriculture provides an excellent opportunity to provide a carbon offsetting service and diversify farm income streams.

Pledge to quit coal

40 countries including the UK have pledged to end their reliance on coal in energy production and heavy industry. As coal consumption reduces, other low-carbon energy sources need to increase to compensate. This could increase the global investment in renewables, helping to reduce costs and create new opportunities for rural communities.

Hydrogen future

Hydrogen is being touted as a clean fuel source which, if produced in large enough quantities could be used to replace coal, oil, and gas. The versatile fuel can reduce the carbon emissions from some of the biggest culprits – transport, industry, and heating. But we need to ramp up the production of Green Hydrogen.


To discuss your options for renewable energy contact a member of our team on 01833 694935 or click here to discover more about how we are helping shape the future of the landscape through our services.


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