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Northern farmers urged to utilise free specialist farm business advice to prepare for BPS cuts

GSC Grays are urging Northern farmers to take advantage of the free and independent farm business advice they are offering under the Farm Business Advice Service (FBAS).

Farmers are facing the imminent end of BPS payments, dramatic inflation and rising interest rates which makes future business planning absolutely vital. It is vital farmers are given all the relevant information they need and the GSC Grays team of experts will offer bespoke advice designed to help farmers formulate an action plan to tackle barriers they need to overcome to achieve their goals in the next 5-10 years.

A key element of the GSC Grays support will be a free on farm business review to give farmers a forensic examination of their business, including a financial risk assessment.

GSC Grays wealth of experience and expertise will be delivered across the North of England as part of Defra’s £32m Future Farming Resilience Fund (FFRF) Scale Up Project.

Robert Sullivan, Head of Farm Business at GSC Grays is convinced the advice being offered can be transformative for farmers who have the mindset to embrace change. He explained: “One year out from payments being halved over 60% of farm business remain unprofitable without their BPS payment.

“Combined with inflation and rising interest rates, there is real concern for the future and the Government’s BPS advance -in response to increased prices in May – was a stark demonstration of how integral subsidies continue to be in keeping farms afloat.

“All farms are different and one size does not fit all, so we made sure that our FBAS scheme can be shaped to fit the farmer and their individual situation and needs.

“More than 300 farmers benefitted from GSC Grays expertise through the previous AHDB scheme, seeing first hand how invaluable budgeting advice and other simple steps can be in preparing farm businesses for the future.

“Our FBAS scheme has options for farmers to look at such as diversification, renewables and tourism to help find the most profitable and sustainable solution for their business.”

Farm businesses will be able to receive free advice via a number of options including a one-to-one service (up to two and a half days of time), workshops, webinars and business group meetings providing follow on assistance.

Farmers sign up to the service here, or can register interest by emailing or calling us on 03333 059059.

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