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Holly Story

FiPL scheme extension a “brilliant opportunity” for farmers

The decision by DEFRA to extend the Farming in Protected Landscapes (FiPL) scheme to March 2025 is a “brilliant opportunity” for farmers according to Holly Story, Director at GSC Grays, the rural land and property specialists.

Holly specialises in environmental management, developing and delivering environmental initiatives for farmers and landowners across the North of England working on a broad range of environmental projects and schemes and is Chair of the CAAV’s Committee for Environment and Land Use.

She believes the decision to extend the FiPL scheme from March 2024 to March 25 is significant for farmers and said, “The recently announced extension of the Farming in Protected Landscapes scheme to March 2025 is a brilliant opportunity for farmers in these areas.

“FiPL funding is more flexible than many other schemes and in our experience can be used to support some innovative projects that support farm profitability as well delivering for nature and local communities. At the end of the day these are all intertwined. The funds available aren’t limitless, and FiPL is not just open to farmers – so make sure you are proactive in putting your idea forwards and securing funding while you can.”

The Farming in Protected Landscapes programme is a part of Defra’s Agricultural Transition Plan and will offer funding to farmers and land managers in AONBs, National Parks and the Broads but is not an agri-environment scheme.

The programme will fund projects that:

  • Support nature recovery.
  • Mitigate the impacts of climate change.
  • Provide opportunities for people to discover, enjoy and understand the landscape and its cultural heritage.
  • Protect or improve the quality and character of the landscape or place.

The Farming in Protected Landscapes programme has been developed by Defra with the support of AONBs and National Park staff from across England. The Farming in Protected Landscapes programme is open to all farmers and land managers within an AONB or National Park in England, or the Broads.

This includes farmers and land managers from the public, private and charity sector. The programme is also open to farmers and land managers on land outside of protected landscapes.

Holly says, “To take advantage of the extension I recommend farmers take specialist advice to help with potential projects and to strengthen applications. Our team at GSC Grays has a wealth of experience working with farmers and landowners across a wide range of environmental projects.”

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