Upland & Lowland Management

Upland Management

We understand the mechanics of sporting estates.  GSC Grays are involved with the management and enhancement of sporting enterprises on a number of internationally renowned estates, both on a fully managed and consultancy basis.

Our wealth of knowledge in this area means that we can:

  • Design a suitable and sustainable management plan for you
  • Work with your keepers to ensure that focus is maintained and your targets are achieved
  • Develop and maintain relations with farmers, landowners, commoners and government bodies to optimise sporting potential
  • Properly manage Health & Safety for the shoot
  • Manage and recruit staff
  • Create a well balanced, productive and cost effective sporting enterprise.
  • Provide a comprehensive management service including PAYE and dealing with staff and their training

At GSC Grays you will find that we have the sort of expertise which only comes with a lifelong involvement within the uplands and you can access this knowledge through either a management or a consultancy service.

Low Ground

GSC Grays are involved with some of the premier shoots in the country, but also deal with small estate and syndicated shoots. As such, we can provide expert advice to ensure that your shoot is run to best suit your sporting requirements.

We are happy to act on a management or consultancy basis to:

  • Undertake independent appraisals of your shoot
  • Optimise game crop locations
  • Advise on general cropping and environmental stewardship options
  • Site new release pens
  • Budget and cost your shooting enterprise
  • Manage and recruit staff including training and running your PAYE
  • Properly manage health and safety for the shoot

Our extensive knowledge ensures we are well placed to assess your needs, to work with you and your keepers to set and achieve targets for your shoot.