Compulsory Purchase

Early professional advice is essential for land and property owners potentially affected by compulsory purchase. An experienced surveyor will advise on the acquisition process, prepare pre-entry records of condition and negotiate the relevant compensation, whilst considering many other implications such as tax issues.

As a rule of thumb the earlier a surveyor is appointed, the easier the project can be. An early instruction allows discussions to influence the position or design of the proposed scheme, agree accommodation works and minimise disturbance to the occupier.

A claim can arise from a multitude of cases including:

  • New roads
  • Gas, water, sewer, oil and cement pipelines
  • Overhead and underground electricity lines
  • Telecommunications cables and apparatus
  • Urban redevelopment
  • Fibre optic cables

Not all claims are restricted to the compulsory acquisition of land, claims can also be made by agreement or for damages caused during the repair or replacement of existing infrastructure.

We provide a comprehensive service covering all aspects of the compulsory purchase process including:

  • Advising you on your rights and options
  • Representations, objections and public inquiries
  • Negotiating accommodation works
  • Advance payments of compensation
  • Providing construction compounds
  • Dealing with problems arising from the works
  • Preparation and negotiation of compensation claims
  • Upper Tribunal appeals

Unless there are exceptional circumstances the fees associated with professional representation will be paid for by the acquiring authority. As such, all landowners are strongly encouraged to seek professional advice as soon as they become aware of a scheme on their land.