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Alex Green

Associate Farm Business Consultant

Alex moved to North Yorkshire after growing up on a farm in Norfolk. His background includes formerly managing a large, diversified farming estate in North Yorkshire and working as a Farm Business Consultant in Suffolk.

He works with a large variety of farming businesses, offering advice on a wide range of matters such as whole farm appraisals, contract farming agreements, budgeting, agronomy, environmental stewardship advice and everything in-between. 

As a Farm Business Consultant at GSC Grays, Alex work alongside a number of different colleagues, all with different skill sets which is incredibly important to enable us to deliver a professional and varied service.

Alex is a firm believer in taking a rational and pragmatic approach to both farm management and the advice given to others and focus on developing and maintaining long term relationships in order to add value wherever possible.

He is also a FACTS and BASIS qualified advisor.

I enjoy engaging with different people and different businesses as each one is distinctly different from another. It’s important to really understand their individual objectives and I find it rewarding when I can contribute to someone’s business positively through tailored, practical advice.

Getting to know Alex

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Farm Business Advice Service (FBAS)

GSC Grays are providing FREE and independent farm business advice to farmers in the North of England. The Farm Business Advice Service (FBAS) is funded by DEFRA’s Future Farming Resilience Fund, created to support farmers and land managers during the early years of the Agricultural Transition. Sign up for our free farm business advice now, or request a call back from one of our Farm Business team for more information.

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