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Is your garden ready for the market?

When putting your house on the market it’s important to see your home through the eyes of the viewer.

Our recent podcast explored what you can do to make sure your house is ready for the market, but what about the outside space?

Our Barnard Castle Branch Manager, Catherine Greaves has put together some tips to help make sure your garden is restored to its former glory after the winter months.


  • Storage, storage, storage: Prospective buyers like to see what storage is on offer when they make a visit so make sure any sheds or garages are tidy and not overly full. If they are looking a bit tired, give them a lick of varnish or paint. If your garden has fenced boundaries, give them a paint over too.
  • Garages are important: If you have one, give it the once-over and make sure that all the internal lighting works and that doors open and close properly. If you have a car that fits in your garage, it is a good idea to put it in, that way people can see that a car clearly fits.
  • Mow the lawn: Make sure it is freshly cut once it starts growing again! Also, trim the hedges and tidy up the borders. At this time of year, it is a good idea to buy a few pots and fill them with seasonal flowers to add a bit of colour. Pots can of course be taken with you when you move into your new home.
  • Spruce things up: If you have any redundant areas in your garden, you can soon improve the appearance by levelling out and then covering with bark or gravel. You can then decorate with some colourful planters or pots.
  • Bins: Bins are not particularly pretty! If you have space, try, and hide them away. Alternatively, put them in your garden shed or garage so that they cannot be seen.
  • Dress it up: If you have space for garden furniture, set it up and if the weather is good, you can ‘dress’ the table with a bottle of wine, a few glasses, some candles, and some cushions.
  • Jet wash your paved patios: It is not the best job, but it really does brighten up the garden. If you have decking, it is a good idea to give it a jet wash off too as it can become a bit slippery over winter.
  • It’s a sign: Make sure your house number or name sign is nice and shiny. If it is starting to rust or look a bit untidy, get a new sign put in its place.
  • Lights, camera, action: Sensor garden lights are fantastic, particularly for property viewings taking place on a late winter afternoon. Solar lights dotted about in borders can be effective or if you have any trees, purchase a few uplighters to create a striking effect.
  • It’s too early for Christmas: At this time of year, remove fairy lights that you haven’t got around to taking down after Christmas. Christmas decorations in Spring are not a selling point!
  • Garden toys: Children’s climbing frames and trampolines can be left in place if in good condition as they help a prospective buyer visualise what they can fit in the garden. If you are happy to sell these, be sure to let the viewer know that the items can be included in the sale, if the offer level is right.

Now take a well-earned break and then see it through fresh eyes, are you enticed inside by the appearance of the exterior? Then it is likely any potential buyer will be too!

Our regional teams are here to help you with the next chapter of your story. To discuss your property needs or to arrange your market appraisal; contact a member of our agency team.

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