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Do you have an appetite to diversify your farm business?

Diversification is not a new idea, our survey of farm businesses in 2020 revealed that 72% had already diversified, but it is an area of opportunity that continues to grow and evolve, and we know that many of you are considering new ventures.

At GSC Grays we believe that these opportunities should not be thought of simply as diversification, but should be considered as new enterprises, or as complementary additions to your existing business.

Amongst the respondents to our survey who hadn’t diversified, 63% were in interested in doing so, and of those who had 70% were looking for further opportunities.

The opportunities available to farm businesses are far reaching and diversifying does not necessarily mean you have to look outside of the farming or rural environment to generate additional income.

We hope our booklet ‘Taking a fresh look at diversification’, which can be found via the link here, will guide you through some of the key questions and issues you should consider, and help you start to turn some of your ideas into reality.

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