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Summing up our changing landscape

In 2020 we conducted a survey of farm businesses in our region.


Our aim was to find out more about how farmers and land owners viewed the forthcoming overhaul of UK agricultural policy, what the most pressing concerns were for our clients and what we could do to help support businesses through this period of change.

Our results revealed an industry that was understandably uncertain about the future, and yet determined to grasp the opportunities on the horizon. We decided to embark on a five month programme to provide information and guidance on some of the areas highlighted by our survey.  Our aim was to reduce wherever possible, some of the uncertainty about the future and put our clients in the best possible position to embrace change.

The Changing Landscape programme has produced a wealth of articles, webinars, podcasts and videos, which we know many of you have enjoyed and found useful.

Below you will find a summary of our campaign, with links to each month’s content.

November – Figuring Things Out

“In what is a very uncertain time for the farming industry, focus on the things you can control….do the simple things well”.

In November Sam Dale, Senior Farm Business Consultant, looked at the importance of understanding the figures behind your business; including budgeting and the use of farm data.  The first of our Changing Landscapes podcasts provided insight and guidance on business reviews.  To find out more about what Sam had to say click here.

December – Growing Your Business

“There’s more to it than just more land”.

Our survey, undertaken in 2020, highlighted that growth was high on the agenda for many farming businesses, but is taking on more land always the right approach?  Tom Richardson, Senior Surveyor, looked at some alternative options and you can read them here.

January – Taking a Fresh Look at Diversification

Idea or no idea?

Georgina Watson, Associate Rural Director, looked at the far reaching opportunities available for businesses looking to diversify, showing that you don’t have to look outside the farming or rural environment to generate additional income. Click here to find out more about what Georgina had to say.

February – Public Money for Public Goods

Do you know what public goods your farm delivers, or has the potential to deliver?  

With DEFRA’s mantra of ‘public money for public goods’ ringing in our ears, and a fresh round of applications for Countryside Stewardship beginning, Holly Story, Senior Environmental Management Consultant looked at environmental management opportunities. You can find out more about what Holly had to say by clicking here.

March – Looking Forwards

It’s never too early to consider your options for the future.

Although you may not be ready to step back from farming, planning for the future will help you to make sure that you are on track to deliver your long-term goals.  Emma Smith, Associate Rural Director, opened up the often difficult conversations around retirement and succession. To find out more about what Emma had to say click here.

We hope that the Changing Landscape programme has helped you to consider how the changes we are seeing on a national scale will affect your farm or estate, and to identify steps you can take now to ensure that your business thrives for many years to come.

Over the next few months we will continue to deliver insights and information on some of the most relevant and exciting topics in our industry, including woodland and forestry, regenerative agriculture and strategic land use planning.

If you would like more information about any of the content in the programme, please call us today.

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